Your chance to get involved: the stakeholder dialogue around the Turkish Sustainability Code

The Turkish Sustainability Code office, which is committed to develop the first local non-financial reporting standard for Turkey, calls all stakeholders to participate in the dialogue.

The Sustainability Code, created by the German Council for Sustainable Development, was very demanded and successful with over 900 reports from over 500 companies. (Interested? You can have a look at all reporting companies in the German database here.)

The Code is explicitly open for national adaptations, and Turkey is soon to be the third country with a domestic Sustainability Code.

An ongoing stakeholder dialogue

Rather than a mere translation of the criteria, the Code is striving to ask all the material questions related to sustainable business conduct in Turkey and hence relies on professionals in the field. In order to adapt the Code in the most meaningful way, the Istanbul based Sustainability Code embarked on an ongoing stakeholder dialogue with academics, consultants, government officials and business people.

Rather than just translating the Code, for one month, all stakeholders were called to contribute their opinion on the first 4 criteria of the Turkish sustainability code, which deal all deal with the sustainability strategy.

Now, the second group of criteria, Process Management, has been published in detail and will be open for comments for the four upcoming weeks. Access criterion number 5, Responsibility, click here.

The database is to follow in November

After opinions and comments regarding all 20 criteria of the Code have been collected, the Code office will evaluate the received feedback and transparently finalize the set of criteria. The local database for Turkey will be published at the end of November 2019. A special highlight: thanks to partnerships with well-known companies and other organizations, the database will already contain the Code declarations of the Code’s partner entities.

Thank you all for your participation and let’s continue to us shape your local sustainability Code!

Your chance to get involved: the stakeholder dialogue around the Turkish Sustainability Code