Bossa Denim is an Implementation Partner of the Turkish Sustainability Code

Founded in 1951, since its establishment Bossa has been one of Turkey’s leading companies regarding the protection and preservation of the environment, human health issues and fulfill social responsibility. As of now, Bossa will further advance its role a pioneer in the Turkish textile sector as an implementation partner of the Turkish Sustainability Code. As an implementation partner, the Denim producer from Adana will take part in shaping the Sustainability Code with comments and recommendations during the process of adaptation to Turkey. Further Bossa, along with the other Code Implementation partners will be among the first companies to published a Turkish Sustainability Code declaration.

The Sustainability Code is the new tool for non-financial reporting in the Turkish Market. As an internationally applicable transparency standard for corporate responsibility, it was designed to meet the requirements of globally active companies and the financial market equally. The Code aims to contribute to the transformation of the Turkish economy towards a more sustainable conduct of business.

The Code was developed in Germany in 2010 by the German Council for Sustainable Development in a dialogue process with various stakeholder groups. Since 2018, the international team of the local office has been working on the national adaption for Turkey. The Sustainability Code is currently in a stage of consultation with experts for the implementation and also open for stakeholders who would like to have their say.  

The first two groups of implementation criteria were published and opened to stakeholders’ views and assessments.

We are very happy to see Bossa Denim among our implementation partners!