It’s time!

The KPMG Sustainable Reporting Survey was published for 11 consecutive years. This report was based on analysis and evaluations of 5200 Sustainability Reports from 52 different countries and aims to reveal responsibilities and practices of companies on international level while serving as an important resource for investors, portfolio analysts and rating agencies.

The report was limited to Top 100 companies in 52 different countries to reveal Sustainability approach and reporting practices in general. North American companies leads the World with 90 percent of adaptation, whereas the ratio sits around 56 percent in Turkey and 80 percent as the World average.

KPMG Reports predicts an increase in reporting and sustainable strategy planning practices in the upcoming years as well as companies disclosing more indicators on their ESG performances, especially if international standardization materialized. The European Union’s Non-Financial Reporting Regulation, World Economic Forums’ 21 the criterion for creating sustainable value in companies and collaboration of 5 important reporting companies (GRI, SASB, IIRC, CDSB and CDP) on a corporate reporting draft are among the framework that will be soon adopted by many enterprises soon thereby supporting the abovementioned prediction.

Turkey Sustainability Code, developed by the German Agency for Sustainable Development and offers a compatible reporting scheme with Non-Financial Reporting Directives of the European Union, has become available and accessible to companies in Turkey, especially for Small and Medium Size Enterprises. You can visit our website here for more detailed information about this reporting practice, which will add value to companies in sustainability performance rating and compliance with the European Union Green Agreement.